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QWater WellQWater Well Development tool is a unique and innovative surge block tool. It is readily attached to standard tubing and pipes currently used in the field by most drilling and environmental professionals. The advantages are as follows:

  • Most effective way to develop any well.
  • Properly developed well can produce 2 to 10 times more water than undeveloped or poorly developed wells.
  • Only the surge block method "back washes" the well screen, removing clay bridges.
  • Flexible wiper seals tool to casing/screen and creates suction to pull water into screen (not available with other methods).
  • Produces more water with less color and turbidity.
  • Shipped individually in sealed clear plastic bags.
  • Constructed of environmentally inert materials.
  • Ball valve prevents water from flowing back into well.
  • Check valve will not clog with sediments.
  • Capable of lifting water over 50 feet.
  • One person operation.
  • Fast and saves time.
  • Properly developed wells save water sampling time by reaching stability quicker than turbid, poorly developed wells.
  • Inexpensive and disposable (prevents cross-well contamination).

Well Development Tool - 3/4 inch, Price: $22.00
Well Development Tool - 1 inch, Price: $23.00
Well Development Tool - 1 1/2 inch, Price: $24.00
Well Development Tool - 2 inch, Price: $25.00